Women of Color Caucus

Women of Color Caucus Mission Statement

protest.nyThe Women of Color Caucus is an organizing think tank composed of women of color associated with National Women’s Liberation. As active leaders and organizers within the Women’s Liberation Movement (WLM), we recognize that a strong and viable movement must work for the interests and utilize the talents and experiences of women of color.

The participation of women of color as leaders and members in the WLM is critical to its success. Yet, women of color are underrepresented and racism exists within the movement. As a result, ideas and issues important to women of color go unrecognized or are blatantly dismissed within majority white organizations.

Women of color must meet separately from white women to better understand how white supremacy intersects with other forms of oppression, i.e. male supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, religious fundamentalism, and discrimination of women based on their sexual orientation.  In this way, women of color will develop theory on how best to address racism within NWL, the women's liberation movement in general, and our larger society.  Furthermore, because women of color are a diverse group representing diverse ethnic and racial groups, we have different experiences with various forms of oppression. It is vital that women of color study and analyze our diverse experiences to better understand racism, sexism and the insidious combination of both. In this way, women of color will develop theory to strengthen the larger WLM.

We recognize that women of color have common interests with white women -- we all lack power and struggle against male supremacy in its various forms, from fighting against impossible beauty standards and who does the housework to struggling against restrictions on birth control and abortion.

Therefore, we must also work in solidarity with white women, where possible and desirable, to make effective change for all women. Together, as women of color and with our white sisters, we commit to struggle against sexism and racism within NWL, the WLM and the larger society.


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