08.27.17 - National Consciousness Raising Training Call

National Women's Liberation is expanding our Consciousness-Raising (CR) initiative to learn from women across the country and use what we learn to guide future actions. CR is a powerful tool used throughout the Women's Liberation Movement, and on September 10 we hope to use it to raise consciousness around health care and to build momentum for women's liberation and a single payer health system.

We're leading training calls for women who want to host a Consciousness-Raising session with friends and family about health care in their hometowns.

Upcoming training call: Sunday, August 27, 8PM EDT / RSVP to Call In and Spread the word on Facebook!

What is Feminist Consciousness-Raising?

Consciousness-Raising (CR) is a tool that the Women's Liberation Movement adopted from the 1960's Civil Rights Movement's practice of "telling it like it is." In a CR, women answer proposed questions using examples from their personal lives. The group draws conclusions based on that testimony to better understand the political root of problems that women face. Learn more about NWL's use of CR here.

Suggested Reading

To learn more about the history and theory of CR, read Kathie Sarachild, "Consciouness-Raising: A Radical Weapon," Feminist Revolution (Redstockings, 1975).