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Tell the Obama Administration to Stop the Appeal:

Morning-After Pill Fully Over-the-Counter 

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The Food and Drug Administration’s review of the scientific evidence found that the Morning-After Pill is safe for females of all ages; there is no medical justification for an age limit or any other restrictions on where or how it can be sold.1 Yet, for 10 years the Bush and Obama Administrations have held the pill hostage, going to absurd lengths to keep this safe form of birth control out of our hands.


On April 5, 2013, Judge Edward Korman issued a federal Court Order that the Morning-After Pill be sold over-the-counter to everyone, regardless of age.


However on May 1st, the Obama Administration announced it would block the Court Order through an appeal.2 The FDA then followed Obama, announcing that the Morning-After Pill will only be over-the-counter to those age 15 and up, with proof of age required by I.D. Also, the FDA will require people under 15 to get a prescription.


The FDA and Obama Administration's latest move is contrary to the scientific evidence, to the experience of over 60 countries around the world that have no age restrictions, and to President Obama's own statements in support of women's right to birth control.


We, the undersigned, demand: 

• Access for all, no restrictions! No age limit, no prescription, no identification!
• Obama Administration: Stop the Appeal!
• The Morning-After Pill should be available on any shelf in any store, next to the condoms or aspirin.
• Women and girls must have the right to control when and if we have children; it is a cornerstone of our freedom.


In the words of feminist abortion law repeal movement pioneer, Lucinda Cisler, in 1970: Because no one else [except the Women’s Liberation Movement] is going to cry out against these restrictions, it is up to feminists to make the strongest and most precise demands upon the lawmakers—who ostensibly exist to serve us. We will not accept insults and call them "steps in the right direction."3

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1 “F.D.A. Panels Favor Easing Access to Morning-After Pill” by Gina Kolata, New York Times, December 16, 2003; “Statement from FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, M.D. on Plan B One-Step,” December 7, 2011.

2Judge rips Obama’s right-wing Plan B stance” by Irin Carmon,, May 7, 2013.

3 From "Abortion Law Repeal (Sort of): A Warning to Women." Lucinda Cisler was chair of the National Organization for Women Taskforce on Reproduction and Its Control (1969-1971) and founder and first secretary of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws. More history on the abortion fight at the Redstockings Archives for Action.