10.22.13 - NWL Demands Pharmacies End Obstacles To Buying Plan B

We demand that the CEOs of Duane Reade, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS Caremark end artificial obstacles to buying Plan B One Ste, and sell it like any other over-the-counter drug! We sent the below demand letter, and we expect a response:

Dear Pharmacy CEO:

We demand that you remove the Morning-After Pill from the large plastic locked boxes and sell it on the shelf like any other over-the-counter drug. 

For 10 years, feminists around the country fought to put the Morning-After Pill on the shelf, available to all women and men. On April 5, 2013, a federal court ordered the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to put all emergency contraception (i.e., the Morning-After Pill) over-the-counter without any restrictions. Your store is now stocking Plan B One-Step on the shelf because of this court order and you are supposed to sell it to everyone regardless of age and without proof of ID.


But your store continues to obstruct women’s access to Plan B One-Step:


1. You embarrass and shame women. The box advertises to the world that the woman buying Plan B One-Step recently had sex and is worried about becoming pregnant.

2. You imply that women may steal it. The cost of Plan B One-Step is exceedingly high – another obstacle to women’s right to control our reproduction – but your stores stock similarly-sized, similarly-priced items not subject to the same “security measures.” This is a burden that only women – who are the users of this product – have to bear.

3. You limit how many pills we can physically buy. We have never seen more than two boxes of Plan B One-Step on the shelf in any of your stores. When we ask, employees say this is because only a few of those large boxes can fit on the shelf. There are no restrictions on the number of Plan B One-Step pills a person can buy; there are no restrictions, period.

4. You confuse your own staff. Our personal experiences and research show that your employees do not know who is allowed to unlock the box, be it a manager, pharmacist or cashier. Some are unaware of the product at all. You have created a confusing situation for what should be an ordinary purchase.

We demand that we be able to buy Plan B One-Step without embarrassment or arbitrary obstacles. We demand that your pharmacy immediately remove Plan B One-Step from the insulting giant locked boxes and ensure that it is sold without restrictions.

Fighting for women’s liberation,
National Women’s Liberation